Motor Trike Conversions


New from Motor Trike – The PROWLER RT – Reverse Trike conversion for Honda Goldwing GL1800 

For the good guys and troublemakers alike comes Motor Trike’s first departure from everything you thought you knew about trikes… Introducing the Prowler RT: an IFS (Independent Front Suspension) conversion for the GL 1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. Safety? Check. Reliability? Got it. Conventionality? Think again. The Prowler RT maintains Motor Trike’s tradition of dependability in an entirely new form that unleashes your bike’s true personality on the road without the hesitation of other offerings on the market. With IFS ingenuity and premier body styling that will make you believe that this is how your bike was always meant to be, the Prowler RT is your new trouble-chasin’ partner-in-crime.

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The rest of the Motor Trike Range………..

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Based in Texas USA, Motor Trike Inc is one of worlds leading Trike Brands and it’s now available right here in the UK! The Motor Trike conversions offer superior rideablity by incorporating 3 key factors: exceptional handling, smooth ride and a large luggage capacity.
Motor Trike have conversion models available for

Harley Davidson, Honda, Victory, Triumph, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki.

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The MT  makes for a great ride by allowing each wheel on the same axle to move independently of each other. This creates a VERY smooth ride. However, it does not stop there. MT have designed and patented an air ride suspension that offers over four inches of wheel travel! They have lowered the spring rate to create a more comfortable ride with plenty of ‘give’ when traveling over bumpy terrain, with an extra passenger, heavy cargo, or pulling a trailer. Because of the fingertip adjustable air ride suspension and softened spring rate, optimum ride quality is reached. MT also use rubber bushings on all suspension components as well as on the differentials to reduce the noise and vibration. The roll centre height has also been lowered ensuring both tyres are kept in contact with the road at all times which helps to prevent rolling. And finally, MT use a calibrated sway bar to ensure comfortable and secure cornering. With all of these preventative measures in place, the inconsistencies in our roads are completely absorbed creating an effortless ride.

All these Motor Trike conversions benefit from the following features as standard

  • Independent Rear Suspension
  • On-Board Air Compressor
  • Patented Air Ride Suspension
  • Over 4″ of Suspension Travel
  • Progressive Coil Over Shocks
  • Integrated Disc Brake System
  • Trunk Light on Interior of Door
  • Hidden Trunk Door Hinges
  • Chrome Steel Wheels
  • 12 Volt Power Outlet in Trunk
  • LED Air Suspension & Voltmeter Readout

Motor Trike also offer this amazing accessory range


  • Front & Rear Billet Aluminium Wheels
  • Performance Machine Front & Rear Wheel Options
  • Front Wheel Balancer
  • Fender Bras with Optional Embroidery
  • Front End 4.5 Degree Rake Kit
  • ABS Integration Kit
  • Parking Brake Kit
  • One-Piece Weight-Bearing Aqua Shields
  • Aqua Shields Fog Lights
  • Aqua Shield Bras
  • Aqua Shield Colour-Match Paint
  • Trailer with Complementary Styling
  • Trailer Hitch Assembly
  • Trailer Wiring Harness with 6 Pin Connector
  • Chrome Nerf Bumper
  • Chrome Peterson Light Bar
  • Chrome Kuryakyn Light Bar
  • Echo Exhaust
  • Trunk Carpet
  • Embroidered Trunk Mat
  • Chrome Side Cover Upgrade (2012 & Up)
  • Trike Cover
  • Colour-Match Paint
  • Two-Tone Paint
    These options are only available when ordering a full  Motor Trike conversion.Please enquire for accurate price due to the fluctuation in the USD exchange rate.